1AUSSPEED is a money transfer or remittance service provider based in Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia. We are registered under AUSTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre), with Registration No. IND100358640-001. The company was founded by a Filipino couple, Rene and Alice Juinio and is still managed by them until today.

As a growing company managed by immigrants, we understand the need of having a reliable partner when sending money to the Philippines from down under. This is our motivation in setting up AUSSPEED, a simple and fast remittance service with a touch of our genuine Filipino hospitality.

With AUSSPEED, you can rest assured that your hard-earned money will always reach family and friends in The Philippines, the way you want it delivered and at the time we’ve committed to. This has been proven by the growing number of individuals who choose us to be their partners. We are very grateful for their support and patronage, and they inspire us to improve our services. (Feel free to join our online community here >>.)

If you are looking for a reliable and on-schedule money remittance service, we can definitely give it to you. Simply sign up and be a member, click here >>.