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We offer you easy, reliable, and cost-effective way to send money to your family and friends in The Philippines. Please choose which money transfer service suits you best:

AUSSPEED MONEY TRANSFER TO PHILIPPINES SERVICES FEES:  Bank to Bank: $7.00 Express Pick-up: $9.00 Door to Door: $10.00
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1. DEPOSIT money to any of our bank accounts. AUSSPEED bank account details will be sent to you after we received your registration. For further assistance, contact us.

2. CONFIRM your AUSSPEED remittance transaction. Please provide us details or copy of your bank deposit transaction receipt:

  • EMAIL a scanned or clear photo of transaction receipt or deposit slip to
  • Express Remit VTK (not available to new members): Log-in to AUB Express Remit VTK portal here >>
  • PHONE / SMS: Contact AUSSPEED at any of the following numbers:

Mobile numbers:
045 227 6217
044 994 9133

Telephone number:
03 9785 7962

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